Vincenzo Orioles is full professor of Linguistics at the University of Udine; there he teaches Glottologia for the First level degree course (Bachelor’s programme 180 CTS) in Humanities (Lettere) and Comunicazione e lingue speciali for the Second level degree course (Two year Master - 120 ECTS) in Integrated Communication for Businesses and Organizations (Comunicazione Integrata per le Imprese e le Organizzazioni, Gorizia Campus). He works also for the Ph.D. in “Linguistic History of Eurasia” (University of Macerata) and for the Ph.D. in  “Linguistic History of Ancient Mediterranean”, curriculum inLinguistic and Cultural History of Ancient Italy (IULM University in Languages and Communication  in Milan).

Academic Positions
He has been entrusted in different academic roles: chair of the Department of Linguistics and Classical Philology (1995 - 1999), director in the International Centre for the Study of Plurilingualism (1998 - 2004), dean of Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures (2004 – 2007 president in European Studies Degree courses (2006-2008).

Scientific Societies
He is a member of the Società Italiana di Glottologia.  [of the executive committee] of which he was the General Secretary (1987-1990) and the President (1999-2000)
Institutional Activity
From 2000 to 2001 he was a member of the advisory committee founded [constituted?] by the Minister for Regional Affairs to bring into force law no. 482/1999 (“Rules for the protection of linguistic minorities”) by elaborating the concerning Accomplishment Regulations. He was called to work with the study group on linguistic minorities which was instituted at the Ministry of Education. 

Research Fields
Among his research interests, he deals with language contact and bilingualism through methodological and applicative inputs and he devotes himself to the status of the languages and to the politics of linguistic diversity. He often takes part to nationwide relevant scientific projects about the history of linguistic thinking and linguistics’ metalanguage. He has recently (2009-2013) developed a new research focus about Italian Language in the world as a coordinator in a FIRB Project.

He wrote an essay on Russian loanwords in the Italian language with special attention to the so-called “Sovietisms” (I russismi nella lingua italiana. Con particolare riguardo ai “sovietismi”, Roma, Il Calamo, 2006), to a collection of essays concerned with  lexical items (Percorsi di parole, Roma, Il Calamo, 2006, 2nd ed.) and to a volume of contributions on minority languages (Le minoranze linguistiche. Profili sociolinguistici e quadro dei documenti di tutela, Roma, Il Calamo, 2003). He also authored various essays on a wide range of topics, such as contact linguistics, linguistic diversity and variability of language, linguistic terminology and languages of ancient pre-Roman Italy. He encourages and promotes many publishing projects, editing conference proceedings and essays collections. He is editor-in-chief of the journal "Plurilinguismo. Contatti di lingue e culture" (Udine, Forum) and of the book series "Lingue, culture e testi" (Roma, Il Calamo). He is co-editor of the periodicals "Incontri Linguistici" and "Rivista italiana di Linguistica e Dialettologia" (Pisa and Roma, Fabrizio Serra ed.) and of the book series "Lingue, linguaggi, metalinguaggio" (Roma, Il Calamo), and "Il Mediterraneo Plurilingue" (Genova, Le Mani ed.); he is also member of the Scientific Committee  of the series "Multingualism and Language Teaching" (Novalogos, Aprilia). He edited two special issues of the Journal "Studi Italiani di Linguistica Teorica e Applicata": Le eteroglossie interne. Aspetti e problemi (vol. 34/3, 2005, in co-edition with F. Toso) and Il metalinguaggio. Temi e costrutti (vol. 39/1, 2010).

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Vincenzo Orioles
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